John of the Cross Drama Performance (MP3 Digital Download)

John of the Cross Drama Performance (MP3 Digital Download)

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John of the Cross + The Living Flame of Love Audio Drama Performance

Here is the intriguing story of Saint John of the Cross (1542-1591), the greatest poet Spain has ever known. Despised by his own Carmelite brothers because of his great piety, John is captured and imprisoned by them. Locked in a closet for nine months, he composes much of his immortal poetry.

John’s moving poem, “The Spiritual Canticle,” weaves in and out of the drama, enriching the story with insight into the saint’s mystical union with God.

In this audio drama adapted from Leonardo Defilippis’s one-man stage performance, you’ll enter more deeply into the “Living Flame of Love” that burned in the heart of John of the Cross.  

81 min

DVD also available


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