Fr. Augustus Tolton - Comic Book

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Father Augustus Tolton  -
The First Recognized Black Catholic Priest in America

Graphic Novel (Comic Book)

By Corinna Laughlin and Maria Laughlin

Tolton's cause for sainthood was introduced in 2011 and in 2019 he was decreed Venerable by Pope Francis. His story has great relevance for us today, needs to be better known. This graphic novel offers a way for readers of all ages to find out more about this holy man and learn to know him as a friend and an intercessor before God.

978-1-61671-294-5 | Paperback | 48 pages | English 

2011 Liturgy Training Publications / Edition du Signe

“Comic strips are funny, but in France [where it was published] they don’t use the term ‘comic book’ at all,” said Corinna Laughlin, who, with her identical twin sister Maria, wrote the book. Both are members of the staff at Seattle’s St. James Cathedral. “They call it bande dessinée, which means drawn panels, and these are considered graphic novels that are quite serious.”

“The goal of the book,” said Bishop Perry, “is to attract interest in wanting to learn more about this pioneer priest of race relations in this country, by appealing to all audiences, young and old, with a story that is backed up by scenes from Tolton’s life as they would possibly look in the 19th century.”

Jennifer Sokol
National Catholic Register

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