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Travel to 19th century France and the village church of Ars to witness the inspiring sermons and intimate prayers of Saint John Vianney, patron saint of parish priests. Born on the eve of the French Revolution, John Vianney witnessed the intense persecution of the Catholic Church and the heroism of holy priests. Ordained a priest himself against all odds, he spent the rest of his life as the pastor of Ars, where, through his holiness and sacrifice, he converted the entire population of the town and countless pilgrims from near and far. Even today, his piercing insights and humor draw us to conversion and repentance.

Performed by Leonardo Defilippis.

Suitable for all ages.

50 minutes

MP3 Digital Audio Download also available

DVD Special Features:
Meet John Vianney
Making of Vianney Speaks
Vianney Movement
Vianney Live Trailer

Co-Produced by Saint Luke Productions and EWTN

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