Bishop and the Actor (DVD)

Bishop and the Actor (DVD)

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In a world of division, The Bishop and The Actor showcases the age-old alliance of the Church and the Arts and explores the Vianney Movement, a movement stemming from the Year for Priests that is rooted in re-uniting the culture with Christ and renewing the heart of the Church through a Saint. This candid and intimate discussion between Bishop Michael Sheridan of the Diocese of Colorado Springs, and actor and founder of Saint Luke Productions, Leonardo Defilippis, will inspire audiences in a greater love for the Church and its mission. Rarely does a Bishop have such a meaningful and enriching discussion from the heart with an actor.

Includes special features from the Vianney drama, including select scenes and a glimpe of the impact that this powerful production has had.

*Please note that this product has reduced eco-friendly packaging and is packaged in a cardboard sleeve.

74 minutes
Suitable for all ages.

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