Letters of Thérèse Volume 1

Letters of Thérèse Volume 1

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Letter writing at the turn of the last century was an important activity for the people of France. Those who received letters from family and friends alike usually kept the hand-written texts sent to them as precious gifts. That is why this collection of letters by and to one of the greatest saints of modern times is so interesting to us today. No mere notes slapped together in distracted haste, the missives found in this volume reveal communications of warm personal sentiment along with expressions of lively spiritual development.

Therese's efforts as a fifteen year-old to enter Carmel before reaching the required age appear in revealing detail. This "tortuous course of a very subtle diplomacy" is set out not only by the letters of Therese herself, but also by those of so many others who shared her hopes and eventual victory.

The translator-editor gives us 75 pages of introductory remarks which set the stage for and acquaint us with Therese's correspondence in this Book.

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