Tolton: From Slave to Priest Original Soundtrack (AUDIO MP3)

Tolton: From Slave to Priest Original Soundtrack (AUDIO MP3)

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Since the October 2017 debut of Saint Luke Productions latest live drama, Tolton: From Slave to Priest, based on the life of Fr. Augustus Tolton, the first African American priest, audience members have been begging for a recording of the moving soundtrack. Here at last is the complete collection of the drama's musical score.

This collection features the original score by composer Tony Manfredonia with vocals from the drama as performed by Elissa Sanders.

A Message from the Composer
“Throughout my career as a composer, I’ve written mainly concert works, video game soundtracks, and most recently, operas. While fulfilling, these were nothing quite like creating the score for Tolton: From Slave to Priest. From studying Father Tolton’s journey, to incorporating spirituals of his time, the process brought me even deeper into my relationship with Christ. It’s been nothing but a blessing to provide my God-given gifts back to the Lord through Tolton!”

Composed by Tony Manfredonia
Directed by Leonardo & Patti Defilippis
Vocals by Elissa Sanders
Audio Engineering by Sean Hanus & Ryan Newton
Graphic Design by Jordan Miller

Length: 42 min


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