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 The son of a prosperous merchant in 12th century Italy, Francis enjoys a carefree life of drinking and carousing with his friends. Yet he is drawn to God, and one day while he is praying in the church of San Damiano, the crucifix miraculously speaks to him.

“Francis,” Jesus says, “do you not see that my house is falling into ruin? Go, and repair it for me.” In response, Francis gives up everything to follow Christ. Catching his infectious enthusiasm, many young men follow him, beginning a movement that transforms the entire Catholic Church.

Actor Leonardo Defilippis brings to life the “Little Poor Man of Assisi” in a one-man production filled with music, joy and deep spiritual insight. Saint Francis: Troubadour of God’s Peace is adapted from the live stage production.

60 minutes.
Suitable for all ages.

Digital Audio Download also available

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