Faustina Drama Performance (AUDIO MP3)

Faustina Drama Performance (AUDIO MP3)

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Riveting. That's the overriding reaction of audiences who've experienced this inspiring dramatic production, captured in this MP3 collection. Actress Maria Vargo is captivating as Saint Faustina, the Polish mystic who was pivotal in creating the worldwide devotion to Christ's Divine Mercy.

Maria Vargo also plays the Modern Woman, who looks back with heart-wrenching honesty on her sins, sorrows and sufferings. Faustina brilliantly captures the message that no matter what a person has done in his life, God is infinitely merciful.

Act 1:
1. Prologue
2. Childhood & Convent
3. Temptations & Appearance
4. Encounters with Evil
5. Divine Image & Confession

Act 2:
1. The Way of the Cross
2. Battle for Souls
3. Hour of Mercy
4. Conversion & Divine Mercy

Maria Vargo - Faustina & Modern Woman
Jonathan Roumie - Jesus
Leonardo Defilippis - Fr. Sopocko & Satan
Christopher Toyne - Dying Man
Patti Defilippis - Mother Superior
Maggie Mahrt - Mary, Mother of God
Fr. Eric Anderson - Priest

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