The Gospel According to John - Drama Performance (AUDIO CD)

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“I honestly believe that nothing has theologically formed me more in all my 15 years of studies toward the priesthood than the Gospel of John, especially through Leonardo’s audio performance. I listened to the CD – a lot. After just a year, I basically had the whole thing memorized, and I still loved it. In fact, I never got tired of it.” - Father Michael Gaitley

In this dramatic production of the most mystical of all the Gospels, the Word becomes flesh in a new and tangible way as the voice of Christ speaks directly to the heart of the listener. A beautiful Russian musical score woven throughout accentuates the text, creating an atmosphere of spiritual mystery.

The Gospel According to John is performed by Leonardo Defilippis, adapted from our live stage production and taken from Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition of the Bible.

122 min

 Act I: The Book of Signs - Chapters 1 - 12 - "He came to his own; and his own received him not."

Act II: The Book of Glory - Chapters 13 - 21 - "But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God."

Saint Luke Productions · The Gospel According To John (Sample)


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Audio Only

  Audio Only


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