Saint Francis Troubador (DVD)

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Barefoot and clad in a ragged grey tunic, Leonardo Defilippis brings to life Saint Francis, "the little poor man of Assisi," whose holiness and faith continue, after 800 years, to draw men and women to a more perfect imitation of Christ.

To prepare this inspiring one-man drama, Leonardo spent two months living in a skid-row hotel. There he met the outcasts, "the lepers," that Francis loved so dearly, and drew his inspiration from real life with the poor. He has gone on to perform this drama for audiences all over the world. Saint Francis is our most joyful musical production, with a lyrical score composed by Randall DeBruyn, a colorful set suggesting the Italian countryside, and the lighthearted spirit of the saint that is loved by people of faiths. "The unique thing about this work," Leonardo explains, "is that the actor is called not only to believe the words he speaks, as he might be in any dramatic portrayal, but he is called to live them as well. The audience is also called to examine their lives on a very profound level. No one leaves the experience unmoved."

60 minutes.
Suitable for all ages.

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