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As a young priest, John of the Cross (1542-1591) is confronted with the corruption of his Carmelite Order, and sets out to live a truly contemplative life. His religious brothers, resenting his holiness and asceticism and his efforts to reform the order, imprison him in a closet for nine torturous months. Undaunted, there he composes much of his immortal poetry, and enters into a mystical union with God. His harrowing escape is miraculous. The saint’s moving poem, “The Spiritual Canticle,” weaves throughout the film, enriching the story and granting insight into what it means to persevere in love when confronted with suffering.

Performed by Leonardo and Patti Defilippis in various roles, the film is enhanced with a cast of more than 60 extras and a beautiful musical score composed by Randall DeBruyn.

Suggested for ages 8 and up.

60 minutes.

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